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messageAUTOMATION translator

Message Automation is at the forefront of messaging technology for financial services. Our translator product matches the power and functionality of cumbersome enterprise middleware solutions at a fraction of the cost. From inception, translator was designed to handle complex XML messages, making it especially suitable for standards such as FpML.

translator's powerful converter allows transformation of data between a wide variety of formats and protocols with no programming knowledge required. The design workbench allows the user to create a message structure definition for any type of data message through a familiar tree based graphical user interface.

Entirely rules based, translator allows data to be transformed to and from an existing database file layout, a flat file such as CSV or fixed width, Excel, or a messaging format (typically XML based). File layouts and (even complex) schema definitions can be imported directly into the workbench to ensure a quick start

translator is built for the financial services industry, and includes out-of-the box support for:

translator includes a wide variety of built-in data manipulation capabilities. Data enrichment from combining additional sources can be achieved without cutting software code. Replacements, look-ups, date and numeric formatting, arithmetic functions and string handling are all available without resorting to writing code.

translator can be integrated into your existing infrastructure to complement an enterprise service bus, or imbedded within a business application. Translations can be performed through a simple API call. Alternatively, translator can be partnered with our orchestration product, director to deliver a complete integration platform.

Messages can then be easily retrieved from and sent to:

with data transformation performed on both source and destination.


Please download the info sheet for an overview and a list of features and system requirements:

MA translator Message Automation Translator Overview.pdf









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