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South African Reporting

Message Automation’s futureLANDSCAPE gives you total control and

transparency of your trade and transaction reporting to multiple

repositories in North America, Europe and Asia from multiple

internal systems across all asset classes. The system provides an

agile, proven, built-for-purpose platform for trade and transaction

reporting including:

The solution is proven to cover the requirements of Dodd-Frank, EMIR (including submission to all

major repositories), Canadian, Asian and South African reporting. We have demonstrated that we can add new jurisdictions as required by clients in a few weeks, using the same engines and central data models. For our international clients, the ability to manage all reporting through one central strategic data platform is proving invaluable. The solution can be implemented:

A strategic approach to regulatory trade and transaction reporting

The legislators and regulators are fiercely and determinedly pushing the industry to lower counterparty risk and increase transparency. They are forcing through radical changes to the landscape for OTC derivatives, with new central counterparties, clearing services, trading venues and reporting repositories. The Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) and the EU directive on Markets Infrastructure (EMIR) and other trade and transaction reporting legislation means that no participant in this industry will be immune from these changes.

The requirements of regulators reflected in the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA), EMIR, South African reporting, and other reporting rules are significantly different and increasingly onerous and wider in scope. The continuing change in regulations makes it imperative that any technology solution is agile, flexible and rules-based. Timescales to comply with these mandatory requirements are shortening rapidly, and deadlines becoming more binary. We specialise in accelerating time-to-compliance and future-proof our clients against further regulatory change. Our clients have usually achieved live running in weeks from their project start and have often gone on to adopt Message Automation as their strategic trade and transaction reporting supplier.

futureLANDSCAPE - the platform for the challenges ahead

Building on our successful implementations of futureLANDSCAPE for Dodd-Frank and Asian compliance across multiple asset classes, we successfully worked with a number of clients on their South African Reporting solutions and have now also implemented Canadian reporting for four major banks. Whether a standalone solution for a single repository such as DTCC, or Regis-TR or a cross-jurisdiction implementation involving diverse TRs, the software is the same, only the rules change.

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Please download the info sheets:

Trade Reporting Message Automation Trade Reporting.pdf

Why a Strategic Approach to Reporting Makes SenseWhy a strategic approach to reporting makes sense.pdf