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OTC Product Identifiers

Message Automation’s futureLANDSCAPE provides a fully functioning platform

for Swap Data Repository (DFA, EMIR, etc.) reporting. However, in response

to customer demand we have now made available some of the existing

functionality on a standalone component basis to solve specific needs.

Unique Product Identifier (UPI) module

Amongst the many headaches caused by the Dodd-Frank Act,

European Markets Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR), and similar

trade reporting initiatives is the enforcement of a consistent identifier

of OTC products when reporting. For many organisations determining

how an existing product naming convention or hierarchy fits with that

proscribed by the regulators is a major challenge.

The problem exists across asset classes, which in practice may translate

into several silos and primary trading systems. Simply mapping existing

product types to the regulators requirements is very likely to be insufficient.

In response we have made available to our client community the UPI determination

module for SDRs as a standalone product. Our patented first order logic rules engine

can be deployed along with the pre-configured business rules we supply to determine the

product from the full economic details and characteristics of each trade.

As Message Automation continues to maintain futureLANDSCAPE to ensure industry compliance, we can also supply equivalent rule sets as and when the requirements for other regulators become clear.

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