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messageAUTOMATION director

At Message Automation we have used our expertise in messaging and validation of OTC derivatives to create director. Fully rules based, this innovative solution allows a business to retain control of its trade flows, both internal and external. Routing decisions can be made according to detailed aspects of a trade's structure and changed without the need for code.

We supply out-of-the-box business validation rule sets for both ISDA's FpML and common industry service providers to further improve data quality and reduce costly breaks. Orchestration of connectivity to central services is also pre-configured within director.

Message Automation director: one solution for multiple business problems

Feature Highlights

What does it do?

External Connectivity

Much of director’s immediate benefit comes from its pre-built connectivity functionality. director provides the option to easily connect to one of more of the following:

Connections to external third parties (custodians, brokers counter parties, administrators) can be added with changes to rules only. director is built using the standard messaging protocol for the OTC Derivatives industry, FpML. This allows the introduction of new asset classes, product types, and third party connections without code.

Internal Message Routing

director works across all asset classes to provide consistent rules based routing of trade information. It uses the patented validator functionality to determine which trades are compliant with a variety of central services and external parties. director allows definition of routing rules by asset class product or sub-product type according to the economic details of the trade. It also provides for overrides at counter party level.

All the routing of trade information both at inception and the subsequent handling of lifecycle events is rules based. Hence it can be rapidly adapted to changing market conventions and new business areas.

Why director?

Why Message Automation?


Please download the info sheet for an overview and a list of features and system requirements:

MA director Message Automation Director Overview.pdf









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