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Internal trade monitoring

Message Automation's proven business solutions cover many of the key

aspects of post trade flows: affirmation, clearing, trade and transaction

reporting, plus inbound collateral and margin information.  We solve

these challenges for our customers, across asset class, across

multiple affirmation platforms, clearing houses and trade reporting

as part of our 'Post Trade Control' suite of solutions.

Post trade control dashboards

A key aspect of 'Post Trade Control' is our Internal Trade Monitoring

capability. By applying a powerful, configurable dashboard, across

the harmonised data layer used in all our solutions, we enable clients

to orchestrate and then monitor events in real time across the lifecycle.  

The current status and full details of any breaks are then available in a

single view.  

In addition to full human workflow and exception management functionality,

including repair and remediation, the post trade control dashboards provide

valuable KPIs and consolidated management information.  Performance information

or break data from other applications such as legacy reconciliation applications,

confirmation matching systems etc. can be consolidated and brought into the same secure

fully audited environment.  Validation to ensure compliance with emerging regulatory rules such as mandatory clearing or mandatory execution can also be achieved.

The solution provides a trade-centric view of post trade flows across the entire lifecycle - affirmation, clearing, trade and transaction reporting, settlement, valuations and margin - down to detailed message level. Issues from around the organisation that are aggregated into the views can include trade reporting failures, clearing rejections or limit breaks, margin differences, confirmation mismatches, settlement breaks, affirmation differences and many more.  In addition, reconciliation results from existing platforms (internal or external) can be included to provide the broadest view of the trade.

The ability to see trade processing breaks across multiple parts of the organisation naturally leads to significant savings in operational break resolution effort.  Sharing the root cause of an error, or merely that a trade is broken in a number of places can prevent duplication of investigation time.  Co-ordination between operations teams of remediation tasks or communications with external parties increases efficiency.  The holistic approach allows for quicker identification of root causes

The user facing dashboards are highly configurable by our customers.  All views and actions are secured by working group and user role.  As a modern solution, all the capabilities you would expect are available, such as personalised menus, filtering, drill-down, integration with Excel etc..  Break categorisation, commenting, status changes, escalation and automated task allocation are all customisable to match your organisation's structure.


Please download the info sheet: 

Internal Trade MonitoringInternal Trade Monitoring.pdf

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