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MiFID II - Trade and transaction



Whilst the approaching MiFID II trade reporting deadlines are still

some way off, many financial organisations are looking to use this

“opportunity” to look at how they could take a more strategic

approach and consolidate all of their regulatory trade and

transaction reporting into one solution.

One internal solution, with one consolidated trade database, that

utilises a rules-based approach to address the different reporting

requirements of EMIR, Dodd Frank, MiFID, MiFID II and other

jurisdictions, is not an impossible dream.

At Message Automation we have been providing our clients across

Europe, North America and Asia with solutions to meet these evolving

regulatory challenges in a strategic, controlled and transparent fashion.

Our podcast (link) provides an overview of the MiFID II trade and transaction

reporting regulations, the typical operational and business challenges you may

encounter and what a strategic solution, such as futureLANDSCAPE,

needs to have. See info sheet - MiFID II Reporting

Key questions that you need to be addressing now:

If your firm is registered for investment business in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), you are within MiFID II reporting scope. This applies to EEA branches of overseas firms carrying on investment activities in the EEA. See info sheet - MiFID II Reporting

No. MiFID II extends reporting requirements to all asset classes including all flavours of derivatives.

Need further info? See info sheet - MiFID II Reporting

No. There are two aspects to MiFID II reporting – transparency reporting and transaction reporting. If you are in scope for transparency reporting you will need to report post trade details in near real time.

Transaction reporting is T+1 like EMIR, but includes new criteria for when to report (not all EMIR events) and extends the data that needs to be reported. These new data items need to be captured in your source and reporting system. Most investment firms will need to do some form of transaction reporting. See info sheet - MiFID II Reporting

Maybe. If you have a solution such as MA’s futureLANDSCAPE which is rules based, has a central, harmonised trade store and supports real time as well as T+1 reporting, then you could be in a good shape. MA currently supports MiFID reporting and is committed to supporting MiFID II reporting.

If your current system is tactical, with a lot of manual processes and/or hard coded business logic, you need to consider very carefully if it will be able to handle additional complexity of MiFID II.

We suggest that this review happens as soon as possible. See info sheet - MiFID II Reporting

Yes. We have extensive experience of migrating customers over from their existing tactical reporting solutions to our platform providing them with an enhanced, strategic solution. We could achieve this in a number of different phases depending on the client’s preferences. See info sheet - MiFID II Reporting

Yes, we are monitoring developments in the regulatory space and will be happy to share with you our observations on the practical implications of the MiFID II regulations and how MA’s solutions can assist. Need further info or a complimentary consultation? Click here

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Transcript of Podcast


Please download the info sheets:

MiFID II Reporting Message Automation MIFID 2.pdf

MiFID II Trade Reporting - Understanding Requirements and Challenges


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